Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Rogue Bench: Indian Supreme Court Bars Major Changes to Self-Appointment

The Indian Supreme Court has ruled out any major changes to the collegium system which it has dictated to appoint its own people from within:

Once again, rogue judiciary is rogue, and must be reined in. The court has no business deciding on matters pertaining to itself, in complete conflict of interest. The court has no business making wholesale decisions on what the Indian constitution ought to be. The court has no business challenging an elected parliament which unanimously passed a constitutional amendment. The court has no business appointing its own bench, without any external accountability. They have exceeded their authority and erected a judicial autarchy - effectively a judicial dictatorship - and will need to be brought back to reality.

Let's be clear - no civilized democracy allows Supreme Court justices to just select themselves. The USA, Britain, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc get their Supreme Court justices selected by members of their elected legislatures. If anything like what the Indian Supreme Court has dictated were to be done in these other countries, then there would be mayhem on the streets, and Supreme Court justices would be quickly deselected by the assassin's pistol. Whatever artificially self-made bubble India's Supreme Court lives in, reality nevertheless won't support it in the long run.

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