Monday, November 09, 2015

Can We Deal With Lalu?

Sonia of course can't be dealt with - BJP tried behaving cordially toward her, hoping to get her support for passing constructive legislation in parliament, but of course she scorned that and chose to go with confrontation and obstructionism, since it's in her core interest to see BJP fail.

Since Lalu is an independent entity from her, and regionally-focused, we ought to find out if we can get him to budge on helping to pass even the tiniest legislation through parliament for economic reforms. In the current global economic climate, even some tiny economic reform improvements could have significant impact. He should be getting some seats in Rajya Sabha, and so we need to see what his price is. Now that Biharis have basically betrayed the nation by voting against the BJP's nationalist plank, I wouldn't mind offering Lalu the chance to lord over them for the next 20 years with Super Jungle Raj, as long as the rest of India could be allowed to progress.

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non-carborundum said...

Yes, dealing with Lalu or any others from the opposition is what the govt will have to do.Fortunately, none of the Gordian Knot Bandhan has any scruples.