Friday, November 13, 2015

Gunfire and Explosions Rock Paris in Major Terror Attack

Gunfire and explosions continue to rock Paris, in what is clearly a major coordinated terrorist attack on the capitol:

This is clearly a major terrorist operation, and obviously required extensive pre-planning. Hopefully other govts will also be on alert against such acts. With Modi in London, I'm sure that India's traitorous "tolerance" brigades would be the first to place blame on him if London were similarly hit.

Is this ISIS? Is this AlQaeda? Many will claim responsbility, but only investigators will be able to tell.

Latest death toll confirmed at 140 people minimum - it may rises as further counts come in.

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CVSMurty said...

Europe is digging its own grave with its immigration policy. Eurabia will soon become a reality. Consider the following report, according to which, Germany would enact a law to give powers to the police to forcibly enter people's homes to check if they could find suitable accommodation for the asylum seekers from Iraq, Syria etc.

Already low-income Germans are being evicted from their homes to make way for the refugees.