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Fwd: Pak Army Chief visit to the U.S. analysed+Gujral doctrine for Modi Durbar +Burma Delay post election talks put transition in doubt+Stealth Bomber picking the best

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1. The Western roots of anti Western terror by brahma c 16.11.15
'It was no different in the late twentieth century. In the 1980s, under President Ronald Reagan, the US (with funding from Saudi Arabia) trained thousands of Islamic extremists to fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The result was Al Qaeda, whose actions ultimately prompted President George W. Bush's invasion of Afghanistan and provided a pretext for invading Iraq. As then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted in 2010, "We trained them, we equipped them, we funded them, including somebody named Osama bin Laden….And it didn't work out so well for us."
And yet, disregarding this lesson, Western powers intervened in Libya to topple Qaddafi, effectively creating a jihadist citadel at Europe's southern doorstep, while opening the way for arms and militants to flow to other countries. It was this fallout that spurred the French counter-terrorist interventions in Mali and the Sahel.'
2. Paris Exposes the Limitations of the West's Approach to Counter Terrorism by ajay lele 18.11.15
My take – Paris is proof of the Law of Karma at work. When will the West learn?
'Just as Mr. Modi seems not to recognise the cross-cutting demography and complex history of India and 'Indians', there is an exclusionary, know-it-all attitude he displays towards India's neighbours. Mr. Modi thought that a rousing speech in the Nepali Parliament and summons to a couple of former Nepal Prime Ministers to his Delhi darbar for private talks were enough for New Delhi to get what it wanted in the Constitution – a 'Hindu Rashtra' in the text of the Constitution and plains-only province(s) in the federal set-up. That was naive.'
4. Stalemate in Nepal – India bashing continues by dr s chandrasekharan 18.11.15
5. The political dividends of Modi's UK visit must be analysed 18.11.15
'Cameron seized the opportunity to speak to a crowd of Indians on a scale he would not have got otherwise. If Cameron's political savvy, which was in evidence in Wembley, is any guide, there may be truth in the grapevine buzz that the foreign and commonwealth office wants to follow the US and Canada in nominating an ethnic Indian as Bevan's successor. A Gujarati perhaps.'
6. Pak Army Chief visit to the U.S. analysed 18.11.15 by dr subhash kapila
7. Stealth Bomber picking the best by lt gen prakash katoch 17.11.15
8. Major Dhruv - The girl he left behind by dipika de 18.11.15
9. Majority of Tibetan plateau permafrost may disappear by 2100: report by xinhua 18.11.15
10. The wider implications of Paris by talat mahmood 18.11.15
12. Sangai Festival Manipur Norway's Ambassador, China's Ambassador, High Commissioner of Bangladesh, Councillor Ministers of Indonesia and Japan have confirmed their participation in the 10-days festival.
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