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Fwd: How the British ruined India - Series of ARTICLE LINKS , Please share before Modi visit to UK

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Namaskar Mitra,
PM Modi is likely to get a warm welcome in the U.K. by Muslim and Khalistani Groups and sermons on human rights, minorities by the English Media. These links below tell you how British Rule ruined India. Is someone going to ask the British for an explanation – about trampling India's rights and sowing seeds of discord amongst Indian people.
Articles are excerpts from books by Veena Talwar, Gandhian Dharampalji, by me and Shashi Tharoor Oxford speech.
1. How the British created the Dowry system in Punjab excerpts from a book by Veena Talwar http://www.esamskriti.com/essay-chapters/How-the-British-created-the-dowry-system-in-Punjab-1.aspx
2. Why India is a poor country by Sanjeev Nayyar based on History & Culture of Indian People book by Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan http://www.esamskriti.com/essay-chapters/Why-India-is-a-poor-country-1.aspx
3. How California Gurudwaras cemented the Hindu Sikh divide created by the British by Sanjeev Nayyar http://indiafacts.co.in/how-california-gurudwaras-have-cemented-hindu-sikh-divide-created-by-the-british/
4. How British created Misconceptions about Sudras by Gandhian Dharampalji http://www.esamskriti.com/essay-chapters/Rediscovering-India-by-Dharampal-4.aspx
5. How British changed the Land Revenue to the detriment of local people by Gandhian Dharampalji http://www.esamskriti.com/essay-chapters/Rediscovering-India-by-Dharampal-5.aspx
6. How the Community system of living was destroyed by the british by Gandhian Dharampalji http://www.esamskriti.com/essay-chapters/Rediscovering-India-by-Dharampal-6.aspx
7. How the British made Caste into evil by Gandhian Dharampalji http://www.esamskriti.com/essay-chapters/Rediscovering-India-by-Dharampal-8.aspx
8. How the High Agricultural activity of the Indian agriculture was destroyed by the British by Gandhian Dharampalji http://www.esamskriti.com/essay-chapters/Rediscovering-India-by-Dharampal-11.aspx
9. How British destroyed Industry in India by noted Gandhian Dharampalji http://www.esamskriti.com/essay-chapters/Rediscovering-India-by-Dharampal-14.aspx
10. Socio-impact of British policies by Gandhian Dharampalji http://www.esamskriti.com/essay-chapters/Rediscovering-India-by-Dharampal-19.aspx
11. British origin of modern day Cow Slaughter in India by Sanjeev Nayyar http://www.rediff.com/news/column/the-truth-about-cow-slaughter-in-india/20151016.htm
12. British imported the European concept of Secularism into India read Why Secularism is not an Indian concept by Sanjeev Nayyar http://www.rediff.com/news/slide-show/slide-show-1-why-secularism-is-not-an-indian-concept/20130802.htm
13. Shashi Tharoor 2015 speech at Oxford where he exposed the British https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7CW7S0zxv4
Love and Light
sanjeev nayyar
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