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Fwd: China’ rush to dam rivers belonging to other nations+How Putin might respond to the downing of a fighter by Turkey+U.S. and Japan seeks unison at sea+ Innocents at war +Terrorists Attacks: is the world really helpless

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1. The terrorist next door by ravik bhattacharya from kolkatta 26.11.15
2. How Putin might respond to the downing of a fighter by Turkey 25.11.15 by a Russian expert
3a. China' rush to dam rivers belonging to other nations by brahma c 26.11.15
The flash floods that ravaged Himachal Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh between 2000 and 2005 were linked to the unannounced releases from rain-swollen Chinese dams and barrages.
India's surface-water storage capacity — an important measure of any nation's ability to deal with drought or seasonal imbalances in water availability — is one of the world's lowest, in per capita terms.
In 1960, India generously reserved more than 80% of the Indus basin waters for its adversary Pakistan under a treaty of indefinite duration.
India's 1996 Ganges water-sharing treaty with Bangladesh guarantees specific cross-border flows in the critical dry season — a new principle in international water relations. This provision means that even if the river's flows were to diminish due to reasons beyond India's control — such as climate change or the planned Chinese damming of a key Ganges tributary, the Arun (Kosi) that contributes significantly to downstream Ganges water levels — India would still be obligated to supply Bangladesh with 34,060 cubic feet of water per second of time (cusecs) on average in the dry season, as stipulated by the treaty.
India must get its act together, both by treating water as a highly strategic resource and by shining an international spotlight on China's unilateralist course. '
3. The long war to be fought against Islamic State by claude s 26.11.
4. Japan assures China it will stay out of disputed area between India and China meant to mean Arunachal Pradesh 25.11.15
My take – India must also involve its private sector companies in road development etc. Funding should not be a problem for us.
6. Repatriation top agenda of Indo Bangla DC's meet 26.11.15
7. Terrorists Attacks: is the world really helpless by n s venkatraman 26.11.15
9. War on terror can be more selective 25.11.15 by brig anil gupta
10. Pakistan is a distraction, the real enemy is China by sanjeev nayyar 2013 art
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