Saturday, November 07, 2015

Lalu-Nitish Re-elected - Biharis Blow Their Future

By re-electing Lalu and Nitish, the people of Bihar have blown it bigtime. They have totally messed up, just like the Delhiites who elected Kejriwal. Just as those smug Delhiites were soon treated to garbage in the streets and Dengue fever, likewise Biharis will soon find themselves back in the lap of Jungle Raj. There's no way that a Lalu govt will be anything but corrupt, and Nitish has yoked himself to that wagon. If anything, I see that alignment splitting due to internal contradictions, but the time lost to such a circus will only put their state behind once again.

It's time for the nation to leave Bihar behind and in the dust, where it belongs - and where its people want to be.

A future partition of Bihar may be worth considering, in order to rescue the progressive section of the electorate from the regressive section. That way they can each pursue their own trajectories separately.

PS: It's really strange that after each electoral loss, BJP makes the same ritual statements about analyzing the results to learn lessons, but yet they are never able to come up with any plan to get themselves better representation in the media. I'm not sure how many losses they'll have to take before they wake up in regards to this bread-and-butter basic issue.


CVSMurty said...

The reasons for BJP's defeat in Bihar:

1. Overconfidence
2. Fringe elements making big hue & cry over trivial things and PM's reluctance to control them
3. Irresponsible statements from RSS at the most inappropriate time
4. Ganging up of the regressive elements like congress, RJD etc.
5. BJP's panache at shooting themselves in the foot

CVS Murty

Jatin said...

The way Biharis voted it appears that Bhagwat's comment on reservation was the main reason...

S A Narasimhan said...

Congrats to Nitish. But it is a Pyrrhic victory. During his previous regime he had Sushil Modi has his deputy, who complemented him. Now? Of course BJP too made mistakes . BJP paid immediately, Nitish will soon realise and pay. Lalu is out of power for a decade. He has smelt blood. Simmerings will surface in 6 months.

san said...

I think overall, we have seen a return of the Muslim-Yadav combine. Biharis have forgotten the bad times under Lalu, after only one term under Nitish. BJP got suckered by Nitish and didn't get their share of the electoral term, and so the public didn't get a chance to see them perform in office. Muslim hatred /fear of BJP combined with Yadav loyalty to Lalu have resulted in a revival of Lalu's fortunes which he had previously squandered so badly.

Just as Advani was betrayed by an overzealous mob of headstrong idiots who surged forward to smash the Babri Masjid to rubble, likewise Modi has been undercut by headstrong fools who took the law into their own hands and killed people over mere cows. This cowboy mentality needlessly wrecked BJP's pitch for sober good governance.

Nevertheless, Biharis have shown themselves to be fickle and unreliable, and therefore their state is going to have to be partitioned at some point down the road. As part of their lessons-learned analysis, BJP should look at the geographic distribution of the votes that were for and against them. If any reasonable geographic correlation can be found, then Bihar needs to be partitioned along those lines.

Sameer said...

This defeat gives even people like Rahul Ghandy a reason to offer advise to BJP.
The BJP needs to pull up its socks and act smartly.

karyakarta92 said...

If Biharis want to remain mired in backwardness and Jungle Raj, who can help them? Same goes for West Bengal, Delhi, Kerala etc. Against my own core values of nationalism, I must say that the rest of India is being held to ransom by the regressive politics of others. The nation must move forward. Let Biharis wallow in the obsession with parochial "NitishE Kumar"

san said...

More than feeling bothered by idiot Biharis voluntarily keeping themselves backward, I mainly feel bothered by the loss of the opportunity to get more seats in Rajya Sabha to overcome Sonia's stonewalling.

Now that I think about it, the main pitch of BJP's electoral campaign should have been that a BJP victory in Bihar would give the opportunity to get more economic reform legislation passed. That argument alone should have convinced greedy Biharis that BJP victory was in their interest. It seems that idiot Biharis couldn't see this fact on their own - we should have brought that argument to them more explicitly.