Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Internal Traitors Raise Their Knives

Old-guard BJP leaders are using the Bihar election results to raise their banner of revolt against Modi:


I was waiting for this to happen. These cranky old men like Advani and Joshi can't seem to get enough of themselves. At nearly 90s years of age, that old crank Advani needs to throw in the towel and put on his incontinence diapers. He already has one foot in the grave, and now the other foot's in his mouth. People like Advani and Shourie should be shown the door from the party, given their self-centred ego-driven behaviour. Their old "India Shining" rubbish failed to get BJP re-elected and saw Sonia seize power for 2 consecutive terms -- a ridiculous failure.

If anything, this revolt by Advani, Joshi, and others shows an upper caste cronyism against upstarts like Modi. If Lalu Prasad Yadav is watching this, even he might be prevailed upon to see how Modi stands apart from the BJP's stagnant patrician Old guard. Maybe Modi should seek to woo Lalu on the basis of their common humble roots. At least both men know what it's like to be scoffed at by privileged snobs.

It would be nice if Modi supporters and Lalu supporters could get together to see that some useful economic reform legislation is passed in parliament, to show that low-caste politicians born outside of the privileged elite can provide positive transformative change that will raise India from its economic doldrums.


non-carborundum said...


This was expected. You missed out Yashwant Sinha. This is exactly why one cannot blame Modi for banking more on his Gujarat team apart from a few others like Piyush Goyal.

Just do a quick search and the conclusion is inescapable that it is only a handful of people that Modi can indeed trust. Take Ravi Shankar Prasad for instance - he was part of the meeting with Advani. His sister Anurradha Prasad is married to that pig Rajeev Shukla.

You're right: What exactly is the performance track record of this entire troupe? They have sat usurping the reins of the Hindu Nationalist constituency and let them down for decades. When a performer like Modi comes in, they cannot fathom it. When the chips are down, they attack him with as much vicious force as the opposition.

san said...

Like I said, Modi should try to use this incident politically, as a means to reach out to Lalu, and show him that he too is not a blue-eyed boy of the "manuvaadi" establishment. Whatever works - we have to find some way to get more economic reform legislation passed.

Anyway, it really exposes the sad state of the nationalist movement in the country - infested with so many backstabbers whose attachment to nationalism is far outweighed by their own personal petty egos.

karyakarta92 said...

I do like the term "incontinence diapers"! I used that expression to beat up Shekhar Coupta on Twitter not too long ago. Agree 100% about these old farts. They should have been going around the country giving lectures to young activists. But, they're obviously egotistical, sore losers. They should follow Hindu Varnashrama Dharma and go retire in Vanaprastha - without humiliating themselves further and causing any more damage to the Hindu nationalist cause.