Tuesday, November 17, 2015

India to Overtake US in Internet Users by December

Next month the number of internet users in India will surpass the number of internet users in the US:


No wonder Zuckerberg has India in his sights.


karyakarta92 said...

The vast majority of Indian Internet users are only there to indulge in idiotic, meaningless chatter, unfortunately. Internet Hindus used the medium to break free of ideological shibboleths imposed by the Nehruvian Stalinist system. Now, the Sickular pollution preponderant in the MSM has made its way to the net. Even my mother in law is now on Facebook with an Android device. You can't imagine what a scary prospect that is :(

Sameer said...

I agree with karyakarta... I don;t mean to undermine the internet penetration or against the usage of internet.. It would help us if used in the right direction, but his point is true... earlier the discussion forums were 90% pro Hindu and sane voices, especially against establishment and MSM were heard. Now, all kinds of leftouts of Nehruvian era, Lalu fans and anti-IT leftists are flooding the net, the discussion forums are horrible to read, especially trolling by these scum. A power handled irresponsibly can lead to doom. And no doubt a good amount of bandwidth goes to unproductive things like bollywood, gossip, porn (it would dominate the most and I am no one to throw my opinion about it :P).

There was a time when US was dominant, then India was not at all there, with VSNL and MTNL dial up modems, then China overtook, globally mobiles overtook PCs and now India overtaking US.