Friday, November 20, 2015

a Dharmic Grand Narrative: we need to build one if we're going to be a major power

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Sujeev said...

I am not able to read articles on India Facts anymore.

The text keeps disappearing on me, a couple of seconds after I load the page. This started happening a few days ago.

Also, @sandeepweb & @vamseejuluri have blocked me on Twitter. I cannot re-tweet their tweets either.

Maybe all 3 are connected.

What is it that they are trying to protect? Their reputations?

Cannot figure out how comments (negative & critical at times) from an (obscure) Internet Hindu hurts their reputation.

Despite their substantial contributions to the Hindutva(Sandeep for a long time, Vamsee more recently), how strong is their commitment to it, if they are merely trying to protect their reputations, instead of addressing the concerns raised by a fellow traveller?

From my side, I will continue to be critical of the duo, till such a time as they use their influence to get Rajiv Malhotra invited to forums they are dominating currently, and duke it out with him on stage, rather than act as proxies for the Doniger/Pollock cabal.

Vamsee still has not explained anywhere how his opinion piece appeared in The Hindu, two days before The Hindu dumped on Rajiv Malhotra.

Maybe Vamsee tweeted an explanation, but how would I know? He blocked me from following him.

nizhal yoddha said...

sujeev, i will say this a second time. i have heard directly from malhotra that he has no concerns about juluri. in fact, you risk upsetting malhotra, so i request you just avoid juluri. as for sandeep, i have no idea.

Sujeev said...

I know I should stay clear of the big guns, or risk being blown to smithereens by friendly fire, but some incongruities seem so obvious (at least from my perspective) that I am unable to help myself.

An example is Vamsee Juluri's tweet above. Instead of replying to the Tweeter's concerns about Diana Eck, Vamsee attacks the tweeter instead.

Also, he asks for Unity, but it is not clear(to me) Vamsee retweeted Rajiv Malhotra's original tweet plugging the Swarajya piece, in solidarity. I cannot go through his Timeline as I am blocked.

Still, I think I have tested your patience also, and gotten rebuked by RM on a couple of occasions.

So I will stop commenting on Vamsee Juluri's credentials, and stick to spotting & sharing anti-Hindu articles.

Thank you.

nizhal yoddha said...

sujeev, i think you have reached a point where you are actively alienating malhotra, so it's best to drop it.

of greater concern to me these days is the fact that the narrative is just plain slipping away right in front of our eyes. the enthusiasm of mid 2014 has been dissipated to such an extent that the PM is no longer able to assume a sympathetic audience from the public.