Wednesday, November 11, 2015

my indiafacts piece on why modi trip to UK is a bad idea, a really bad idea

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san said...

Rajeev, Britain's conservatives are a lot smarter than the conservatives in other countries. Like I said, it's Britain's Labour Party that we should be worried about the most, because as you know Labour has no end to affection for Muslim and socialist causes. The British conservatives were able to astutely campaign in a way that saw Labour completely defeated. We need to borrow some lessons from their playbook. As you may remember from the previous election before that, they forged a clever alliance with Nick Clegg's New Democratic Party, to keep Labour out on that term, too. If it hadn't been for the clever tactics of Cameron and his fellow Tories, the UK would be in far worse shape right now. We definitely could use some coaching from them - don't forget, John Major's team gave some coaching to the Bush camp back in the day during their 1992 election. We need to get some foreign campaign advisor expertise into the mix, to improve our results.