Friday, November 20, 2015

Trump Ambushed By Loaded Question on Muslims

US presidential candidate Donald Trump is under heavy fire, after being ambushed by a slanted question from a reporter:

Here is Trump's own clarification and rebuttal

Notice how the reporter basically feeds Trump the line in order to put words in his mouth. The reporter literally asks, "SHOULDN'T WE HAVE databases to track Muslims in this country?"
He doesn't ask "Should we have.." - instead he asks "SHOULDN'T WE HAVE..." (ie. "let's have this") in order to manufacture the controversy. Partisan hatchet-journalism.

Also, read this exposé from Breitbart:

Given that we Indians have dark skin, it would be relatively easy for any of us to approach a white lefty politician and fool him into making certain ethnic-pandering marks that he'd stereotypically expect us to feel delighted about, but which might not go down well with the rest of society.

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