Friday, November 04, 2011

With Vaccines, Bill Gates Changes The World Again

So says the forbes title. 

There's something about these western rags. They go teary eyed and swooning about charities. 

Microsoft has done everything under the sun to stifle innovation and spread it's Fear Uncertainty and Doubt amongst the users. It has bankrolled the hardware manufacturers and their campaigns making it as the default desktop across the hardware. Even if it employs an army of Phd's, it has done nothing to improve on the user interface as well as the browser. Nevertheless, with locked in proprietary formats, it has managed to make it's owner a very rich guy. 

It looks very pretty when a smiling white man or woman cuddles up a black baby (invariably African), the photos get splashed all over in the fund raising ceremonies or charity balls. For all practical purposes, it's tainted money being funneled in "charity". 

I really wonder how does it help him to legitimize the ill-gotten money through Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. 

The International Alliance of the vaccine manufacturers are unholy lot- the same set of the pharma majors that are out their to evergreen their patents to suck the poor dry. Do you know that most of our Oral Polio Vaccine is imported? The indigenous manufacture sounded a death knell and with universal immunization in place (well almost), these vaccines cost a bomb to the taxpayer. I don't have the exact figures but I would try and supplement this in a follow up post. 

Either by proselytizing or by "health care" initiatives, these people are causing huge cultural shifts all over.  

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