Monday, November 21, 2011

my piece in firstpost on #tibet, #india, #china, madame #nhu, #human #rights:

nov 21st, 2011 CE

the indian State and the han chinese State are equally cavalier about the human rights of some civilians. 

but only some civilians. some other civilians' rights make the PM spend sleepless nights.

and the madame nhu analogy is extremely relevant. 


Lila said...

I think you will find this blog post interesting.
I've also blogged about Breaking India, and several other speeches by Malhotra

Lila said...

You might find this post interesting.
I've also blogged about Malhotra's work several times at my blog.

smriti said...


It was tragic then and it is tragic now that people who have to immolate themselves to be heard. But, will it matter to the Chinese? I guess not, as it not matter to Madame Nhu and Dinh. The photo won a Pulitzer and a famous music album was made later, but what happened to those "promises" that were made by the regime on the reforms? Nothing came of it. It was all a hogwash.

Where is an answer to this? Is there any answer for the Tibetans and for people in India, forced to bear an apathetic government. What happened to Rajiv Goswami? What did his immolation bring about, except a very painful death for him, much later?

Also, if I remember correctly, Major Unikrishnan' father was not impressed by the Uncle's actions, in fact he was quite miffed.

0b41f198-7b12-11e0-953d-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Chinese manufacuring contracts.

One reason why our manufacturing is struggling could be this, of course not to deflect blame from KKKangress and Manmohan.