Tuesday, November 01, 2011

DL 5C B 3672

This is the one number for 6 Lexus cars that Guru Ram Rahim Insaan owns.


As nearly one lakh supporters of Dera Saccha Sauda carried out a citywide cleaning operation in Jaipur on Tuesday led by their chief Guru Ram Rahim Insaan, the mediapersons present noticed that the guru had six Lexus vehicles, all black, carrying the same number plates for his security.

Delhi Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Satyendra Garg said, purchasing six vehicles with a single number was impossible given the checks and balances at the Transport Authority. “It could be that someboday has been using a single number plate for all vehicles which is illegal. We will take action if it is brought to our notice.”

(Normally would insert smartass comment here, but not needed in this case)

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