Thursday, November 03, 2011

Educating justice Katju - Views -

Taking the headline from Live Mint itself, here's the link to the editorial that appeared today. 

I guess most of them are unable to stand to the mirror held up to their sorry asses. Nira Radia and her tapes exposed the underbelly of Indian journalism and so called ethos and standards. 

Although it can be argued that editors are under the control of nameless and faceless managements (who don't come out in the open) and in turn curry the favors with whoever is in power. It's impossible to get their names out because the media has them embargoed. 

Importantly, blogging platforms like these serve to highlight the "real news", analyse the trends, debate about issues that affect the nation as a whole. It's the job of the media to take the criticism because they are not keen about their dirty linen being hung out to dry. Each one is interdependent but hiding behind the the veneer of respectability is also not justified. It's sheer hypocrisy. 

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