Monday, November 14, 2011

323 ads, nearly 160 pages to mark 5 anniversaries « sans serif

This is very interesting. "Chacha" Nehru and his proteges saw their
pictures splashed all over.

Witness the news papers getting the most coverage. The top 3 are
Hindustan Times, Times of India and surprisingly Indian Express. And now
you know who are the "fawning ones". Economic Times leads the pack in
the business category.

"Chindu" or the permanent lapdog of China in India, the "venerable"
Hindu is also not far behind in the ranking. It is estimated that over
300 crores were spent in fawning over dead "rulers". That kind of money
has lined the newspapers ( in terms of advertising money) which is most
likely stashed away.

Brilliant. This is how tax payer's money is squandered away.

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