Monday, November 28, 2011

is this kolaveri thing basically funk: repetition of nonsense phrase?

i remember a german number which kept saying over and over to a nice beat: 'the funk phenomenon' (funk with u pronounced as in boot, not as in but).

and there was the australian hit 'funky town' with a female voice just repeating "[won't you take me to] funky town" in a variety of tones. (nice voice, that girl had).

i checked out the youtube video of kolaveri out of curiosity and found it to be basically unwatchable after about 15 seconds.

and what is 'kolaveri' in tamil? 'kola' is murder, and 'veri' is 'eagerness' or 'obsession' in malayalam. (or even 'hot sunshine'). 

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seadog4227 said...

Symptomatic of an entertainment industry run by morons!