Thursday, November 24, 2011

BJP to strongly oppose FDI in retail sector

Absolutely correct stance. Now some crony capitalists will use the "free market" argument to push for big retail. Free markets when it suits them and Keynesianism when it does not.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the quality of produce in India? 40 per cent of fruits and veggies rot before they reach the consumer. Large-scale retail will enable an efficient integrated supply chain that will cut out the middleman and benefit both the producer and the consumer. I still do not know why so many Indians foolishly idealize the third-world concept of "small is good, big is bad".

Inferno said...

Without question, the KKKangress would have created a ruckus on this issue had it been in the opposition -- just to put the government on the back foot. It would have mobilized all those opposed to FDI in retail and made it look like the govt is against aam-aadmi -- the BJP is unwilling to do that. I get the feeling that the BJP is internally split on this issue. Some are making feeble noises while the rest are keeping quiet.

Arvind said...

Wrong stance. It is crony capitalism when the politicians help their cronies (in this case big retail owned by Tata and Reliance). The people of India do not exist so they can pay higher prices to cronies like Tata and Reliance.