Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rockstar (2011)

This is a movie review without watching the film.

  • Directed by some guy with bad hair named Imtiaz Ali
  • Some woman named Nargis Fakhri is the lead actress - Paki father and Czech mother.
  • Jehadi at heart and keyboard synthesizer electronica king A R Rahman has composed the music, including some stupid Qawwali like track called Faya Kun (fayakun idiot) in a movie that is supposed to be about rock music.
  • The film also contains some nonsense about Kashmiri youth rebellion, maybe because they throw rocks.
Don't pay to watch this movie or rock music dies and the Jehadis win.


जीत भार्गव said...

Totally Agree.
A Nice piece written by G Sampath in DNA. Please Read It..

indian_indian said...

I agree. I saw an interview where Ranbir Kapoor was touting the fact that the "Sada Haq" song has become very popular in Kashmir among the anti-Hindu/anti-Indian population there. The movie might be watchable but stupid, almost-treasonous political statements of this kind by actors should lead to their movies being boycotted.

Non Carborundum said...

Jeet Bhargav

Nice article but the guy shows a tinge of secularxism in para 13 - "Hello! Try telling that to a Tibetan, or a Kashmiri, or a Manipuri, or an Iraqi, or an Afghan. Or even a Dalit." He equates Tibetans and Kashmiri rock lovers and throwers.


I saw that interview too on Times Now. A good idea to boycott anti-Hindu media. Let me research a crap list and post it.