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corruption in the vatican: Family- Mario Puzo's novel on Pope Alexander VI

nov 3rd, 2011 CE

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From: A P Joshi
Date: Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 3:24 PM
Subject: Family- Mario Puzo's novel on Pope Alexander VI

while bashing the likes of Nityananda is the current fashion in india, our thinkers never give a thought to the corruption in other faiths especially in the Church. of late several scandals and perversions in the West like paedophile activities of the clergy are being exposed but the indian church is largely immune to any such investigations
the famous novelist mario puzo’s (his last) novel on pope alexander VI (1492-1503) exposes every possible corruption and perversion in the fifteenth century Rome. in fact puzo called this pope as the first of the mafia dons (on whom puzo has written a number of popular novels like Godfather)
although some fictional details are obviously there, this lucidly written novel is quite close to history as will be seen in Wikipedia's page on this pope which historically confirms every single major incident in the novel apart from showing some nice portraits of the main characters. i have also enclosed a Wiki note on the XV century Papal states in order to explain the geographical and historical settings
ashok joshi 

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