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how Tehelka armtwisted Goa govt into funding its literary fest #goathinkfest

nov 28th, 2011 CE

sorry if this has been seen and widely discussed, i was traveling and just saw it.

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Subject: Mud on Tehelka - Tehelka armtwisted Goa govt into funding its literary fest

Tehelka armtwisted Goa govt into funding its literary fest

A crusader turns collector
Devika Sequeira, Nov 12, Panaji:

After several preliminaries and high-power calls-some of them from Sonia
Gandhi's political adviser Ahmed Patel -''Tehelka'' publisher and chief
operating officer Neena Tejpal met Chief Minister Digambar Kamat in Goa
weeks ahead of ''Think 2011'', the magazine's 'festival of ideas' that
was held here from November 4 to 6.

"She came with a few other people to meet me and asked us to associate
with the event. Since prominent people, including central ministers were
coming, we agreed to help them," Kamat told Deccan Herald on Saturday.

He denied there had been pressure from Delhi for him to support the
festival, which has been shadowed by a controversy, or that a deal had
been struck for "Tehelka" to hold off an expose on illegal mining in
Goa. "No, no, that's not true at all," he said.

Also present at the meeting with the "Tehelka" representatives were
Chief Secretary Sanjay Srivastava, former tourism secretary D C Sahoo,
Finance Secretary S Kumaraswamy, Director (tourism) Swapnil Naik and

Neena Tejpal, sister of "Tehelka" editor Tarun Tejpal, was business-like
and downright arrogant with the Goa chief minister, leaving his aides
quite stunned. "If Tarun was here, he would have asked for Rs 1.5 crore.
How much are you willing to give?" she asked Kamat quite bluntly, a
government source told Deccan Herald. The source expressed shock at
Neena's tone and tenor, considering she was talking to the chief
minister of a state. An embarrassed Kamat asked his aides to see which
departments could be tapped for funding the fest and the chief secretary
finally came up with a figure of Rs 50 lakh for the magazine's event.

"Tehelka", which prides itself for its investigative and public interest
journalism, has been accused by theatre personality Hartman De Souza of
burying a report on mining in Goa by its former correspondent Raman
Kirpal because of the negotiations with the Goa government on
"Thinkfest". Tejpal has strongly denied the charges.

But a government aide said after the meeting with Neena Tejpal there was
a strong buzz in the secretariat that Kamat was keen to oblige the
"Tehelka" people because they have some "explosive material" on him.

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Rajan Parrikar said...

If India were a nation of laws this would be a huge story. The last para suggests that the Chief Minister of a state was effectively blackmailed by Tehelka's representatives. That would be a crime. At any rate, the Kangress govt in Goa is probably the most corrupt in the nation - and that is saying something!