Thursday, November 10, 2011

The importance of Narendra Modi's visit to China

So says offstumped on Rediff.

However, the Chinese "myth" is constructed. The recent fiasco with Apple clearly showed the "iron state", clamping down the news outbreak of labor being mercilessly brutalized with horrendous living conditions. 

Interestingly, the western publications that react with glee to such news, often fail to look in their own backyard about the homeless people and soaring crime in their cities. In fact US represents the finest example of how affirmative action sours up the issues specially in case of minorities and blacks and other disadvantaged groups. 

The fact that there is a huge discontent shimmering in China, the veritable shift of the currency exchange rates sooner or later and next to nil innovation in the Han land, would be a dampener to the writer's claims. For all practical purposes, engaging with China on a long term basis is fraught with danger since they are getting in the mode of acting unilaterally. It would have been more prudent for Modi to extend the Gujarati enterprise in surrounding countries. Economic trade makes great business and political sense to open up new markets. 

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