Sunday, November 13, 2011

nehru and chilluns' day and varsha bhosle

nehru was not known to be particularly fond of children.

but his birthday is chillun's day. why? is it because he was a bit of a ladies' man and did a little sowing of dem wild oats? :-) there is the oft-repeated story of the beautiful saffron-clad sannyasini, a jawaharlal favorite at one point, who is supposed to have left her baby with a padre-run orphanage in bangalore. perhaps it is apocryphal. what happened to that baby in later life?

incidentally, nov 14th is also -- to her infinite embarrassment as she is um... very fond of jawaharlal -- varsha bhosle's birthday :-)


dynastyrule said...

I miss her insightful commentary. Hope she is doing well. My best wishes to her on her birthday.

Sunil said...

Varsha Bhonsle, where is she now? Last heard she had some problems with her surgery and medicine overdose. Any updates about Varsha??

Sujeev said...

Why mention Varsha Bhosle here, Rajeev? Better leave her alone in her retirement. Turning from a fiery volcano to a damp squib in the blink of an eye! No explanation at all for her transformation :-(. Not looking for one after all these years. Mentioning her name serves no purpose other than scratch a wound that is still raw :-(. I've been KLPDeed by many girls/women over the years but this was the biggest KLPD of 'em all!

amit said...

I want full story ;)