Sunday, August 21, 2011

TV Debate on Anti-Corruption Movement

Here's a televised debate held by Nidi Razdan of NDTV. Present were a member of BJP, Team Anna, that jackass Manish Tiwari from Congress, the Lokpal member from Karnataka, and the editor of Business Standard.


slim_shady said...

No offense, but these 'televised debates', especially on ndtv, are hogwash.

As usual, a corrupt tv anchor with a pretty face on congress' payroll, a holier-than-thou-but-in-reality-filthy congress spokesperson, a person from 'civil society' - in this case a crazy maoist who calls himself a 'swami', and an indian 'journalist' who in all probability is also on the party's payroll, come together to both impose their party line while humiliating an isolated bjp guy in an absurdly brazen manner.

san said...

I don't see that the BJP member got isolated. Take a look at the debate, and you'll see he came off quite well.