Sunday, August 21, 2011

truly sad story about HP's decline and fall:

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Inferno said...

These lines ring so true:

In today’s world of MBA-managed companies, R&D is perceived as not being a good use of money. Apple is an exception and over the last several years they have been producing one great product after another. HP worried about keeping up with Apple so Apotheker — like Lew Platt back in 1999 — decided to punt. Apotheker decided to no longer compete with Cupertino. He said as much this week.

It’s highly symbolic, at least to me, that Apple’s new spaceship intergalactic HQ will be built atop what used to be one of HP’s most important labs.

But in the long run I think Apotheker’s new course won’t work, either. Squeezed between Apple and Oracle, HP may have no route back to greatness.

They’ve lost the way.