Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mr. Hazare's Iftar appeasement

“During his fast in April, Anna shared stage with Hindu fundamentalists, with people chanting Vande Mataram. This put us off,” says Maulana Umer Illyasi, head of the All-India Imams’ Organisation. That may now be changing.
Mufti Noorullah Yusuf Zai, the chief imam of Guna, Madhya Pradesh, is headed for Delhi’s ground zero. On board a Delhi-bound train are several fellow imams.....

Back in April, Mr. Hazare - Mark I, consciously decided to remove a picture depicting Bharat Mata (Mother India)from his stage, lest the tender iconoclastic sentiments of Mohammedans be "offended".

"Bharat Mata" is an icon venerated by infidel Hindoos, therefore, it is inherently "communal". Vande Mataram is a song dear to the idolatrous Hindoos. They sing it to glorify their "idol" Bharat Mata. Therefore, that too is "communal", "right wing" and unacceptable.

However, Iftar parties, Mullahs and Namaaz - these are all intrinsically "secular" in the perverted political parlance of Nehruvian Stalinist India. They
conform to the best ideals and personal practices of Mohandas Gandhi - exalted as a "Mahatma" by the dhimmis - and
the so called "freedom movement" staged by the Gandhian Congress.

To be fair, Mr. Hazare is only emulating the lofty traditions of
Gandhi, Nehru and the Congress. Indeed, the divorce of
Hindu symbology from the "freedom movement" was accomplished approximately a century ago by Gandhi and his band of dhimmis - to assuage Mohammedan intransigence.

A comical and humilating "Lucknow pact" was signed by Congress dhimmis - ostensibly on behalf of the entire Hindu community. Gandhi pandered to pan-Islamic bigotry with his idiotic "Khilafat movement" which was a precursor and catalyst for partition.

Does anyone among the Facebook addicted, urban middle class Twitterati take cognisance of Mr. Hazare's double standards and naked appeasement of Moslem fundamentalism? Does anyone care?

Mr. Hazare's two-faced, toothless activism
and the gullibility of the middle class Twitterati has the potential to inflict huge calamities on the Hindu nation, as yet unawakened after 1300 years of involuntary servitude to foreign invaders.


san said...

kk, I think you're forgetting the propganda war going on between the govt and Anna's group. The govt is of course claiming that Hazare is an RSS-proxy, while Anna's handlers then have to go out of their way to show him as pro-Muslim. I think that as an ex-armyman, he's reliably pro-India, despite whatever his handlers are.

Take a look at what the govt's spreading:

san said...

Listen to what the Congress propaganda machine has to say:

For every example you can present of Hazare being an NGO stooge, there are similar complaints of him being an RSS/BJP stooge, etc.

Let's not give the Congress any help with its hatchet job.

witan said...

Bharatmata, Vandemataram etc are of course "communal". In fact, anything patriotic is communal. The words “Mr. Hazare is only emulating the lofty traditions of Gandhi, Nehru and the Congress.” bring out a profound truth about Mahatma Gandhi himself. He was truly “secular”, and was equal in his insult for both Hindus and Muslims by corrupting the sacred Ramdhun with the words, "Ishwar allah tero naam". The corruption has been very effective: almost no one in India knows any version of Ramdhun other than Gandhi's. It is being chanted even during Ramlila and other Hindu religious celebrations.
A handful of perverted contrarians like me, however, know that the original, said to have been composed by Tulsi Das, did not contain the secular words. See, for example, the following which I have reproduced from Wikipedia, with one small correction:
"Raghupathi raghava rajaram | Pathithapaavana sitharam | Sundhara vigraha meghashyam | Ganga tulasi salagram | Bhadra girishwara sitharam | Bhaktha janapriya sitharam | Janaki ramana sitharam | Jaya jaya raghava sitharam
Sometimes these words are added:
जय रघुनंदन जय सिया राम जानकी वल्लभ सीताराम".

souixsie said...

It is his handlers who should concern us all. Hazare is not an intellectual and his mimic Gandhian shtick can be easily waylaid by the wily Sandeep Pandeys of the Marxist world. The equally anti-intellectual Sangh Parivar also tends to be easily dazzled by Gandhian flim-flam, then as now.

san said...

Let's first get an anti-corruption bill to put the Congress' rampant power and subversion in check, and then after we get past that hurdle, we can see if he's trying to go elsewhere. The Congress is the main threat to the nation right now, in its attempts to get a stranglehold on the nation.