Monday, August 22, 2011

IIT Student Refuses to Accept Degree from Manmohan

An IIT student has taken a courageous stand, and is urging his fellow batchmates to do the same, in refusing to accept his degree from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who will appear at the graduation ceremony. He is doing this in support of Anna Hazare's anti-corruption movement.

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witan said...

The traditional award ceremony in academes should be as follows. The mentor of the student/candidate escorts him or her to the person (e.g., the Vice-Chancellor) invested with the authority to confer the degree and introduces the would be recipient. The V-C, then, awards him or her the degree, and exhorts the recipient to conduct himself or herself in a manner worthy of the recipient of the degree. The solemn ceremony has been completely corrupted in most universities. In some universities, the manuscript on which the degree is printed (often with a rubber-stamped signature of the V-C and/or Registrar) is handed over to recipients by peons. For this reason, I avoided taking my degrees in person, but preferred to have them delivered to me by the postman.