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they are seceding from UPA-run india? Maharashtra village turns to Gujarat

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Mon, Aug 15 2011
Maharashtra village turns to Gujarat
Frustrated at the lack of development and infrastructure, a village in Maharashtra tries to shame the state government into action
Cordelia Jenkins & Makarand Gadgil

Vidarbha (Maharashtra) : On 30 April, the eve of Maharashtra Day, the village of Vairagadh in Buldhana district of the state held a meeting of the gram sabha (village administration). Tired of waiting for the government to deliver basic infrastructure and services, the villagers decided to take matters into their hands. They wrote a letter, not to their local leaders or even to the state government, but to Narendra Modi , chief minister of the neighbouring state of Gujarat.

“Dear chief minister,” the letter said, “we request the state government of Gujarat to adopt our village. Our region is facing issues such as poor electricity supply, bad roads and lack of agriculture development, and all villagers want to implement the growth plan of Gujarat’s ideal village in Vairagadh.”

It was an extraordinary move from a local panchayat (village council), variously dismissed as a publicity stunt (by the local Congress assembly) and applauded (by Modi’s public relations team, who were quick to spread the story).

Vairagadh is not a border town, but lies right in the middle of the state, at the western edge of the Vidarbha region, which has become notorious for its farmer suicides. It is a poor region, and although it provides an estimated two-thirds of Maharashtra’s mineral resources and is a net producer of power, many villages have limited access to electricity as well as water. Despite media attention, a state sponsored relief package of Rs1,075 crore, and a visit by the Prime Minister in 2006 (during which he announced an additional Rs3,750 crore relief), the suicides continued.

Find out why Vairagadh’s choice of Narendra Modi as an adoptive parent was not random...!


Lomdi said...

This new article above and the older articles below exemplify the difference, honest political will and expedience can make in the fortunes of the state and nation and it delineates the difference in the different classes of honesty and integrity and their concomitant effects on the country. The honesty and integrity of kabutar (pigeon) class, insipid Mumble Singh (everyone knows he is honest) is questioned when presiding over the fast tracked rampant loot and evisceration of India and the honesty and integrity of the much maligned cheel (eagle or falcon) class Modi goes unapplauded and unappreciated even after he has amply demonstrated how an honest politician can work wonders for the well being of the state!

seadog4227 said...

The amazing part is that despite non-performance for more than a decade, the misguided people of Maharashtra chose to re-elect the Kkkangress.