Monday, August 22, 2011

happy janmashtami

 rajeev srinivasan 


Naagesh Padmanaban said...

Dear Rajeev

Wanted to share an email that is circulating on the web; Written by N Murali of The Hindu on his retirement, tears into the double standards of the friend of Hans - N.Ram; Can post it here because of word restrictions; Where I can email it to you?

Pavan said...

Do not trust N Murali or N Ravi or even Malini Parthasarathy. The differences between them are of epsilon/delta variety. In fact, N Ravi is even more anti-hindu than N Ram is. It was under Ravi's disastrous editorship-in-chief that Hindu published non-sense from Gail Omvedt, Kancha Iliah, Agnivest and Tahmpu etc very regularly.