Monday, August 15, 2011

"romance at short notice was her specialty" -- great saki story 'open window'. harsh mander fits the bill

aug 15th, 2011 CE

i understand from the TOI that fai ran, among other things, the so-called Justice Foundation Kashmir Center in britain, another front for the ISI.

our good friend harsh mander is a big wheel in the Justice Foundation.

i once had the misfortune to listen to harsh mander hold forth on the Right to Food bill. i have to say my skin crawled.

whenever i think of harsh mander, i have this feeling that the man is a great writer of purple prose. quite an active imagination, for example with his 'disemboweled pregnant woman' story from the 2002 gujarat riots. maybe i should say 'fevered imagination'. he reminds me of the young girl in the saki story

i love that punchline "romance at short notice was her specialty". mander's too.

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Brownian Motion said...

I loved that line too. It's been ages since I last read it - My Dover copy is still around the house somewhere, lost but not forgotten. Thanks for the link - it was a pleasure to read it again!