Monday, August 22, 2011

the crux of the #anna matter

 rajeev srinivasan 


san said...

One NGO member has tendered his resignation in protest at the anti-Hazare stance of its leader Aruna Roy:

Inferno said...

OT: SC preacher accused of raping women behind church

Non Carborundum said...

Matter crux:

1. The public is angry with current misgovernance of the Congress; it is not even an issue solely of corruption, but of a Govt. which does not care about India and its citizens

2. Anna gang cleverly uses this anger and shapes it into a "fight against corruption" for which the Jan Lokpal bill is the panacea

Most likely scenario:

3. When this bill is passed, the public at large feels satiated and the Congress has time to recuperate by 2014

4. New Lokpal is staffed by the baboons surrounding Anna and those in the NAC

5. The new Lokpal mechanism is used to selectively decimate what is left of the BJP, RSS or others generally concerned about Hindus/India (because “corruption is corruption”, whether you steal 50 Rupees or 2 Lakh Crore Rupees)

I really hope it transpires differently though.

san said...


No, the scenario you are describing would happen if the original Congress-proposed anti-corruption bill is passed. Congress will be spared, and only opposition will be prosecuted.