Saturday, August 13, 2011

my firstpost piece on dravid, the karna-like unsung hero.


Inferno said...

Only 12 of Tendulkar's Test hundreds have come in the second innings, which is more likely to be a crucial stage of the game... even these hundreds came against weak bowling teams and on batsman friendly wickets.

Late Inswing said...

Have been a long time reader of yours. RD as Karna, thanks for the well written piece, although Joe di Maggio is somebody I dont relate with.

On second thought's RD can be Bheema too? I read Prem Panicker's transcreation of MT Vasudevan Nair's Randamoozham, the Mahabharata retold from Bhima's POV who is always overshadowed by his older and younger brother, but is THE single main contributor to the family during war and peace. RD is one such. Bhima to Sachin's Arjuna and Hector to Sachin's Achilles.

Gana said...

I thought you don't care about Cricket and see that as a time wasting stuff!

Indus said...

1. Dravid's team-spirit is unparalleled and he hasnt got due credit, but Rajeev Anna, with due respect, this feels like a weak and hilarious superimposition. you are on a sticky wicket here :)

2. Arjuna is "one-dimensional" ?!
Debatable, but interesting choice of words :)

Thanking you for your invaluable and inspirational writings and wishing you a very happy Aug 15!

nizhal yoddha said...

late inswing, randamoozham does give you a different point of view: always second-best. second choice, etc. but i found ini jnan urangatte to be more insightful because both karna and draupadi are wronged, if flawed, heroes. bhima is not so flawed: he's the faithful understudy, the muscle to support the family brains trust.

gana, yes, i think cricket is a total waste of time. see, without spending more than a few minutes a year on it, i can still say something semi-intelligent about it. so there's very little to cricket.

indus, whether or not arjuna is one-dimensional, tendulkar surely is.