Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hazare Stares Down Govt; Rahul's Emergence Disrupted

Anna Hazare has stared down the govt in what is being described as a surrender by the ruling party and the disruption of the ascent to power by Rahul Gandhi.

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karyakarta92 said...

He mght have secured a toothless parliamentary resolution from a government that panicked. But, he actually thanked Rahul Gandhi for the resolution. Why, he was willing to do business with Rahul & Sonia on the Lok Pal bill - negotiating with the Gangotri of corruption to ostensibly end corruption! Far from undemining Raoul, this elaborate stage show has not made a dent in the dynasty's situation. The dynasty and its corruption were never even mentioned during the whole Tamasha. I feel this will enable Raoul to replace Manmohan in the near future.