Friday, August 19, 2011

consolidation in mobiles: #webOS to die as HP looks to exit. RIP, #palm. #symbian dead already. #RIM next? or MS Win Phone?

aug 18th, 2011 CE

is this fallout from the google-motorola deal and apple's apparently insurmountable lead in tablets?

so it's becoming an oligopoly -- iphone and android phones will dominate, with perhaps a distant third player also.

i thought HP webOS had a decent chance at the third slot, but leo apotheker thinks otherwise. 

quite sad, actually. now that HP is looking to shop its PC business, it is exiting smartphones/tablets as well, it looks like. sort of like Cisco killed off the Flip video player, i guess Palm is now history? i was an early palmpilot user and quite liked the platform.

i guess there's no point in being 5th in a 5-horse race.

the others still in the race: RIM's QNX, Microsoft's WinPhone7, Samsung's Bada

RIM *has* to stay in the business, or they shut the company. they have an incentive to push QNX and hardware hard, but their efforts recently have been dismal.

and Microsoft/Nokia -- must rankle MS to be so far behind the leaders, but they have the cash to hang on. so i predict they will remain, keep trying, and eventually get some traction.

samsung should kill bada and drop MS WinPhone7 and just stick to android 


seadog4227 said...

The all-class zero Slimes calls Narayanamurthy a "middle class hero".

Ravi Krishna said...

MS may benefit from Google buying Motorola mobile because now Google has a conflict of interest. So HTC, Samsung and others may dump Android in favor of Windows Mobile.

Inferno said...

If Amazon buys this division from HP, that will be the best thing to happen to WebOS. Remember Amazon has been working on an iPad killer? Even before the HP announcement, I was thinking why Amazon doesn't want to make its life easier by licensing WebOS (the best OS for tablets).

Just this week, I read about HP's plans to install WebOS on every PC it sells, as a dual boot option. This Apothekar guy disgusts me. Just like most other American CEOs of the day.

Inferno said...

HP tested webOS on an iPad. It ran over twice as fast as the TouchPad.

HP has said it will license the platform, prompting suggestions that smartphone vendors including HTC and Samsung could look to the operating system given the recent developments between Google and Motorola.
It will be sad to see WebOS succumbing to the short-sightedness of American managers.

Inferno said...

RIP WebOS, the Best Smartphone Platform Nobody Used

You Were Too Good For This World. At Least, Too Good For HP