Friday, August 19, 2011

independence day SMS i got: let us remember all those who struggled against the english...

... sreesanth, gambhir, sehwag, zaheer, ...

and you thought i didn't know cricket?

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Inferno said...

OT: Investors Rebel Against H-P Plan
Questions about the company's strategy.

H-P's moves in large part reverse a controversial $25 billion deal it sealed nearly a decade ago to acquire PC rival Compaq Computer Corp. At the time, H-P ran into significant opposition from investors and even some objection from its own board.

Much has changed at the company since then—it has switched CEOs two times, and the current board is loyal to new chief Leo Apotheker—but it must again tame rebellious investors.

"They're damaging the business they're trying to sell," said Pat Becker Jr., a fund manager at Becker Capital Management in Portland, Ore., which held about 1.2 million H-P shares as of June. He thinks H-P may have bungled its chance of getting a good price for its PC unit by disclosing its new strategy too early.