Sunday, August 21, 2011

Janmashtami Divas Special

aug 21st, 2011 CE

happy ashtami rohini to all. although it's a little strange, my panchangam tells me the star today is bharani ഭരണി भरणी 

രോഹിണി रोहिणी rohini (the star sirius) is only on the 23rd

the 22nd is ashtami, but Lord Krishna' star is rohini.

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From: sanjeev 

Namaskar Mitra,
Janmashtami is on August 22. Some useful links.
1. How science discovered the historical Krishna by Rakesh Krishnan -
2. Travel to Vrindavan clicked these pics on Janmashtami day 2009 -
4. War and Non-violence in the Holy Geeta by Jeffery D Long -

5. To know all about the Festival -

6. Krishna worship and the Rathayatra Festival in Ancient Egypt by Bibhu Mishra -

With Love and Light 

Sanjeev Nayyar
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Gandaragolaka said...

There are different opinions on this... the exact combination is shraavana krishnapaksha ashtami, rohini nakshatra, wednesday, and midnight.

All these are difficult to occur at the same time. So, some people like us celebrate it when its ashtami at midnight (Sunday 21st). Some others celebrate it when its rohini nakshatra midnight (Tuesday 23rd).
A third section of people celebrate it according to the rule that whichever tithi is seen by the rising sun is the tithi for the whole day. So, whenever it is ashtami at sunrise (Monday, 22nd), its janmashtami for them.

Hope it helps

nizhal yoddha said...

kerala hindus call it ashtami rohini, and so try to celebrate it on the ashtami. usually the star is rohini, but it is not wednesday.

thanks for the clarification. so i was justified in being puzzled.

Pavan said...

Sri vaishnavas celebrate according to nakshatra and call it Gokulashtami, even if rohini falls on a non-ashtami day, others look for ashtami and call it janmashtami/krishnashtami etc. Both are valid, in my opinion.