Monday, August 15, 2011

i look forward to googleola phones, or is motoroid? google builds a full stack with moto acquisition

so apple gets to now pick on somebody its own size! i guess the kissy-kissy between schmidt and jobs is now officially over -- eric schmidt had been on apple's board for some years.

google will be in a different ballgame with a captive hardware company. they paid $12.5 billion for motorola; they could have got nokia for that and a little chump change -- its worth is now no more than $22 billion. maybe nokia would in fact have been a better bet for google -- that would have had the effect of killing off microsoft windows phone 7 as well.

i am a former apple fan, now a little pissed off with them because of the predatory tactics against android/htc/samsung.

see what wozniak thinks:

Steve Wozniak: Android will be the dominant smartphone platform

In the heated smartphone battlefield, have two business models on the field. Open platform (Android) vs. integrated or closed (Apple). In the end, Android will be winner one, because the open platforms (in general) have more resources and the ecosystem of open platform can generate more applications, features, services, innovations, etc. in the long run. The closed systems are faster in the beginning, but they will loose the game anyway, right? What's your view to this topic?

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