Wednesday, August 03, 2011

180 IQ chidambaram is the best home minister india has had, along with manmohan, the best, most decent and honest PM. we explain PC's defenses here.

aug 3rd, 2011 CE

home minister chidambaram has a series of defenses. praise be to the lord.

1. coastal defense. so a derelict ship traverses a 100 miles of sea undetected and rams into juhu beach in mumbai

2. cyber defense. so the hans launch the biggest cyber attack in history on india and other countries and succeed in stealing god knows what. 

3. twinkie defense. so kalmadi did his hanky panky in the CWG scam because, because, ... a virus made him do it! you see, kalmadi has dementia. (but sheila dixit doesn't, so what is her defense?)

*twinkie defense: the gunman who shot dead san francisco mayor moscone and gay councillor milk used the then-novel defense that the gunman had eaten too many twinkies, a sugary bakery item, and that had upset his hormonal balance, causing him to go temporarily insane. that is, the twinkies made him do it.


Inferno said...

OT: Smartphones, the cigarettes of the next century?

Inferno said...

OT: Indian intellectuals, scribes helped Pak wage war against India: J&K experts
"Pakistan has managed to fight a low cost intellectual and propaganda war with the help of India's intellectual class against the country through Fai," said Dipankar Sen Gupta, Jammu University professor and Kashmir expert.

Another Kashmir expert professor ML Koul said that malaise of internal subversion is such that it has almost crippled the policy making process particularly on the issues of national security.

"Hobnobbing with the agencies (Fai and ISI) of inimical country and masquerading as peace activists, peace individuals living in India have done irreparable damage to the national interest," Professor Koul said.

Chairman of Panun Kashmir (PK) Ajay Chrungoo alleged that those Indians who have been now exposed to be in ISI-Fai subversive circuit have been operating for years as track-2 lobbyists, emissaries and interlocutors not on the behalf of Pakistan but on the behalf of government of India.