Sunday, August 21, 2011

Team Anna Rejects Govt Proposal

What's important to stay focused on, is the need to ensure the govt's crooked bill doesn't get passed. Hazare's group are amenable to negotations on the bill, as long as it's not the watered-down ineffectual version made by the govt.

Hopefully, we all see the need to make the PM's Office accountable. It's not necessary that it be accountable via the same Lokpal body, just as long as there's some effective mechanism for accountability that can't be bypassed.


seadog4227 said...

Haven't seen a single comment regarding the similarities between this movement and the anti-Mandal riots that paralyzed Delhi during the tenure of another fake--V.P Singh. The public rage had to be seen to be believed.
Will the public be betrayed again?

san said...

Yes, but no Congress Swiss bank accounts were at risk back then, so naturally there was no rush by them to the ramparts in defense.