Monday, August 22, 2011

Arundhati Roy Attacks Hazare

The goddess of small things is now also the goddess of all things corrupt too, as she blasts Anna Hazare for his "aggressive nationalism".


Non Carborundum said...

Ya, so Arundhati opposes Lokpal, Aruna opposes Lokpal etc.

What is the hypothesis here?

That idiots and crooks always say what is wrong, and therefore the opposite of what they say is right?

Not a good way to decide on things, especially given that known idiots and crooks surround Anna as well.

san said...

I'm saying that the need of the day is to oppose corruption and get an effective Lokpal bill passed, so that Congress can be ousted and prosecuted.

Corruption is Congress' raison d'etre - you take away corruption, and they have no basis for party cohesion, or for being in politics.

I don't mind that Hazare is being built up, because this will help to diminish the Congress Personality Cult.

The more resistance is built up against Congress authoritarian maximalism, the better. Congress has been engaging in stealth takeover of the country, gradually subverting institutions one by one, to quietly transform itself into a de facto dictatorship. If we lose this chance against them, then they will continue to consolidate their hold on power, so that there will be no removing them.

Fine, fine, I understand that Kiran Bedi, etc have their own political leanings, but it's not clear they can do whatever they want. Let them take down the Congress ruling fortress first, and then we'll worry about what happens after that.

Indus said...

Aruna doesn't like any extra-constitutional power group that doesn't include her. She has her own version out now.

Milind said...

Having a proud of nation in mind is good. Every Indian must have proud of our nation. Saints like Baba Ramdeo & Anna Hajare can blackmail Indian easily. Can a army driver change all our system? The peoples who are behind Anna, can they have pure mind like Anna?.we must think about history first before Lokapl. As all of we know that Indian's are blind & dumb. In the name of corruption Anna is challenging, Parliament & Representative democracy.May be it is RSS's dangerous agenda, Be careful............