Monday, August 22, 2011

Anna Health Deteriorating, Wants Direct Talks with Rahul

Now we cut to the chase. There aren't too many good options for Congress -- with Hazare's health going downhill, the novice Rahul could end up with a death on his hands, which would destroy his political aspirations forever. Or else Rahul "saves the day" -- after meeting directly with Anna, the young prince has a "change of heart" and feels moved to present to parliament an anti-corruption bill satisfactory to critics -- in which case, Manmohan, Chidambaram & Co get ditched.

That latter option would be more Congress' style, preserving the Family's future, while its generals have to fall on their swords, and bow out into the shadows. But we know from Indian and even Japanese politics, that tainted and unpopular politicians still get to remain powerful backroom men. The problem for Congress is that without corruption and black money to keep it alive, Congress could gradually be marginalized and superceded by more populist Leftist/casteist parties, just like its old opponent Janata Dal. That could one day lead to BJP aligning with Congress in the far future, like it supports Nitish in Bihar.


Inferno said...

OT: Slip-Up in Chinese Military TV Show Reveals More Than Intended
Piece shows cyber warfare against US entities

Inferno said...

continued... China Cyber Warfare
We're guessing President Barack Obama's response to this video will fall somewhere between "silence" and "sweeping it under the rug".

Non Carborundum said...

The least concerned about his health may be the coterie around him.

Non Carborundum said...

Dalit Delight:

A "Dalit protest", by BSP members was organized in Delhi against the Lokfart Bill. As heard, the protestors' main points are that the bill is unconstitutional, especially since it has no specific provisions for Dalits; and further insults Dalits by being unconstitutional because a Dalit wrote the constitution.

The protestors also informed the captive audience on the road that they're not the type of people who like to cause traffic jams.

This happened in the evening. Yours truly also observed a bunch of similar goon-eared individuals wearing "I am Anna Kournikova" caps some time in the afternoon and inferred that they were hired twice on the same day.

It increasingly looks like this evil bill won't get passed for reasons wrong or right, and that makes me happy.

Non Carborundum said...

Kanchan Gupta on Lokpal etc.