Saturday, July 23, 2011

what lack of #food #security can do to india, too: famine in somalia. late victorian holocausts, redux

jul 23rd, 2011 CE

in the late 1800's some 30 million people died of starvation in india of -- entirely avoidable -- famine. thanks to the callous indifference of the british imperialists.

now, with climate change and the poor investment in agriculture, this can recur, as it has in somalia.

let me point out the remarkable statistic that adult males have gotten thinner in the last twenty years in only three countries: afghanistan, congo, and india! the first two are in a state of war. so i guess the indian state must also be in a state of war against its citizens?

and our beloved leaders' response? an utterly nonsensical 'food bill'. yes, if there is no food, you can eat the food bill. nero, he of the fiddling-while-rome-burned fame, would approve. 

it is a typical 'liberal' document: it assures everybody that all the food will be distributed. it fails to figure out how food is produced. 

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