Saturday, July 16, 2011

pak can only define itself as not-india: "why my father hated india" by aatish taseer in the wsj

jul 15th, 2011 CE

an accurate picture of why there is no future to indo-pak bhai-bhai despite all the protestations of the wagah candle-wallahs and the UPA. pak is the only nation that is only based on being "not-x". it is a country with no meaning, and therefore has to pretend it is an ersatz saudi arabia. 


Vijay said...

Aatish Taseer tiptoes around the core issue -- that Islam is responsible for partition and Pakistan's current rotten state.

manipadma said...

A less known historical fact saying how the culture of the continent was refused by newly formed Pak. Pt. Bade GulamAli Khan once migrated to Pakistan started his classical program with a Saraswati vandana. He was booed by the public heavy on Islam opium. He immediately stopped the program and took a ticket to India. Nehru came to receive him on Delhi airport.