Saturday, July 09, 2011

amazing photos of the black rock in the kaaba in mecca

jul 9th, 2011 CE

it is the famous meteoric rock that is venerated by mohammedans. it was broken into a number of pieces at some point in the past. it is the eastern cornerstone of the kaaba, the black cubical building. 


Hitanshu said...

Why are we supposed to care about the black rock???

karyakarta92 said...

This is interesting because of the "black rock" at Kaaba
could be a pre-Islamic Shiva lingam. The historian P.N Oak has written on this theory, also MSN Menon on The Organiser. More recently, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch has analysed the possible Hindu roots of the Islamic Hajj piligrimage, arguing that the Hajj is therefore, an inherently
un-Islamic act!! The binary Abrahamic death cults annihilate pre-existing civilisational values, wherever they enter - completely erasing all memories of native religions
and cultures. As a result, very little is known about, for example : pre-Islamic Arabia or pre-Christian Europe.
If the Hajj is indeed a pre-Islamic Hindu ritual and the Kaaba, actually a remnant of a Hindu Shiva temple,
that would certainly be remarkable, don't you think?

Julian said...

PN Oak has as much credibility as a "historian" as Romila Thapar does.

Goel has analyzed the views about Kaaba from various Hindu sources, you can read it here:

karyakarta92 said...

I would not be so hasty in dismissing P.N Oak. His work is not a "gospel truth" (sic). It is just a hypothesis, which incidentally is backed by a lot of circumstantial evidence.
Certainly, with respect to Arabia - it is plausible that there were contacts between ancient India and pre-Islamic Arabia. Very little is known about that history - just like very little is known about the "Feroze Gandhi" branch of the
"Nehru" dynasty. Why is that such a closely guarded secret? Similarly, why is the pre-Christian history of Gaullic France, for instance so obscure and unknown? Inquiring minds want to know.