Friday, July 29, 2011

swamy row, a diversionary tactic to remove attention from faigate

jul 29th, 2011 CE

the usual suspects, most of whom are implicated in the fai scandal, have hit upon a nice red herring.

how come none of these worthies are worried about digvijay singh's daily libel/defamation against hindus? ok, that was a rhetorical question. we know why.

 rajeev srinivasan 
 rajeev srinivasan 


Inferno said...

OT: India's Leading Export: CEOs

Inferno said...

OT: Politics of Pandering Faces Backlash - Europe's Right Wing

satish said...

By bringing up Dr.Swamy's op-ed MSM in India is trying to divert attention from the corruption issues faced by UPA.

soumen said...

Anyone: Is the Umang here, one of the originators of this petition, the same Umang who is an active participant of AID-Boston?

Vijay said...

Yes. Most likely it is the same Umang Kumar