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Treasure worth 5,000 crore unearthed from Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple vault

jul 5th, 2011 CE

not 'tombs', you idiot -- hindus don't worship corpses. 'vaults' would be the right word. 

otherwise good article, even though it has been overtaken by subsequent events.

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Treasure worth 5,000 crore unearthed from temple vault


Thiruvananthapuram, Jun 30, DHNS:

The seven-member team deputed by the Supreme Court on Thursday
reportedly discovered a treasure trove of gold and diamonds worth Rs
5,000 crore in one of the two secret vaults of the Sree Padmanabha
Swamy temple here.

The doors of the vault 'A' was  opened by the team led by two former
High Court judges M N  Krishnan and C S  Rajan on Wednesday. Though
the vault was empty it led to a dark underground chamber. The members
wearing oxygen masks resumed their effort on Thursday and walked
through the passageway.

Sources say when the sand on the floor was removed, they found
markings leading to the treasure which has been estimated to be worth
Rs 5,000 crore. Among the treasure were a huge idol of Sree Padmanabha
Swamy, three diamond-studded crowns, a gold bar, close to 1,000
traditional golden necklaces, one of them being about 18 feet-long.
This apart, there were countless other jewellery, a gold sceptre,
diamonds, and artefacts studded with Belgian stones and gems.

The team is expected to enter the 'B' vault on Friday and prepare an
inventory of the articles there. Vaults C, D and E have already been
examined while vault 'F' had puja articles in it. It was during the
reign of SriVishakamThirunal Rama Varma in the 1880s that the vaults
were opened. These were considered the treasury of the Travancore
kings who ruled the state as "Padamabha dasas" or  servants of the

It is believed that VishakamThirunal's successor Sri MulamThirunal,
(1885-1924) and Dewan C P  RamaswamyAiyer (1936-47), also opened the
tombs during times of famine. The treasure contains gifts given to the
kings of Travancore by royalty across the world during the 19th

The temple known for its architectural elegance and long rows of
granite columns with exquisite engravings has Lord Vishnu reclining on
the thousand-headed serpent Anantha as the presiding deity. The temple
is run by a trust floated by the Travancore royal family for whom Lord
Padmanabha is the family deity.


Tintu said...

It is nothing serious that you find treasure in ancient temples. After all the jewelleries, cash are the offerings made by many people including Kings, to God over centuries If only such treasures are found in a single person's custody it becomes a point to suspect.It is quite natural that many religious funds are accumulated over a period of time, be it Hindus, Muslims,Christians,Parsis,Sikhs and so on so forth.
All the religion have funds and jewels in the same manner.
It should be safeguarded properly and not allowed to be handled by politiicians. Why not they conduct search in Muslim dargas,in Golden Temple Amritsar

bly243001 said...

Looks like people from the land where zero and number system originated have forgotten their numbers. It is so disappointing to see people using numbers like 1 lakh crore, 5 thousand crore. Whatever happened to other multiples such as arab, kharab, padma and shankha and so on. I must confess even I don't know what comes after shankha, perhaps some reader may illuminate further.

manipadma said...