Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DNA: 8000-year-old advanced civilisation in Konkan Coast?

jul 11th, 2011 CE

6000 BCE, they built a kind of great wall. why on earth did we never have the wits to build a darn great wall across the khyber pass to keep all the invaders out, starting with alexander the macedonian?

the more we find out about ancient india, the more amazing it is. the indus-sarasvati is one such marvel: the largest ancient civilization (bigger than mesopotamia and china put together) but with absolutely no signs of warfare or military encampments!

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do open this link. as a chitpavan i am thrilled that an ancient civilisation existed in konkan close to my ancestral village
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Subject: [Bharat Speaks] Photos: 8000-year-old advanced civilisation in Konkan Coast?
Remains of 8000yr old wall discovered off Konkan coastline. This may rewrite Indian Pre-History with the dates that match with Dwarka & Indus Valley Culture.

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