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Hillary to Singh Sonia: Tke out your WALLETS by M D Nalapat in Pakistan Observer

jul 21st, 2011 CE

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Subject: Hillary to Singh Sonia: Tke out your WALLETS by M D Nalapat in Pakistan Observer

In order to sign the Nuclear Deal the Singh Sonia duo have according to a friend -
a) shut down the research reactor "Dhruv" (if I remember right),
b) put curbs on or closed down several other research initiatives in which India led global nuclear research, including advanced work on the indigenous Fast Breeder reactors,
c) separated the "civil" from the "military" research and hence doubled costs, halved the number of people working on meaningful projects, and split their synergy,
d) permitted existing scientists and former members of India's nuclear infrastructure to join private multinational projects in India (read "brain drain" or "sellout of India's nuclear secrets", and yes we do have many secrets, innovations that no other country in the world can yet match!),
e) promoted the perception that Fast-Breeder technology (in which India leads) is a pipe dream and must be replaced by existing (obsolete by 40 years) nuclear plant designs,
Any Comments – on a to e.
Bill Clinton is one of the biggest fund-raisers in the world. A check into the donors for his foundation would show names from across the world, including several not known to be interested in the numerous good causes that Clinton claims to champion. When she ran for office as Senator from New York and later as the Democratic Party challenger to Barack Obama in the last presidential elections, Hillary Clinton raised large sums of money, although these dried up when it became clear that she would lose to Obama. The Clintons know that it is economic issues that resonate strongest with the Democratic party faithful, and it is to their credit that they presided over a period of growing prosperity for the US population. Not merely that, unlike Ronald Reagan and George W Bush, who ran up huge budget deficits and sharply increased the debt of the average taxpayer, President Clinton was able to convert the Republican deficit into a Democratic surplus. Of course, in the process, he allowed changes in regulations that began the wave of speculative transactions that almost led to the collapse of the international economy in 2008.

Although newspaper headlines in India claim that Hillary Clinton came to Delhi and Chennai in India three days before “to strengthen the strategic relationship between the US and India”, the reality is that she came looking for a handout, and the larger the better. A gasping US economy badly needs cash from wherever it can find it, and US corporates look to their government to ensure that a steady and growing flow of Indian orders takes place. Secretary Clinton made no secret of this intention, although the hunger for cash was couched behind soothing words about India’s importance. Exactly the sort of idle compliment that sends officials, mediapersons and officials in India swooning in delight. Of course, the visit left Corporate India unimpressed. Clinton refused to give any solace on the issue of numerous obstacles being placed by the protectionist Obama administration on the employment of Indian software and other professionals. She declined to announce a single measure that would assist Indian exporters in entering the US market.
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