Tuesday, July 12, 2011

'rationalist' atheist loot the family (e)state


I used to think that the commies in bengal had reduced (or exalted) robbery to an art form - but really you cannot beat these DMK 'rationalists'. These people are what Fouad Ajami calls middle-east dynasties - families with an (e)state. stands to reason of course - they all come out of similar prophetic monotheistic, desert, death cults.

if this report is correct the man literally broadcast the junk on their tv stations right from his home. talk about 'cottage enterprises' eh? just like that Baalu 'the Dredge' - literally tearing up Ram Sethu to keep that gravy train rolling.


vidhya said...

oh nice

Inferno said...

Costliest Fighter Upgrade
The government today approved the costliest military aircraft upgrade programme yet, gifting to France a deal to dress up Mirage fighter planes for more than Rs 200 crore a piece. Such a high price, critics said, would buy new aircraft.

Inferno said...

Costliest fighter upgrade .. continued
Israel had also made a bid to modernise the IAF’s Mirage aircraft for half the cost that the French have charged. But the IAF did not find the Israeli package suitable.

Inferno said...

Chinese produce and eat more than half the world’s pigs. The average Chinese consumer ate four times as much pork in 2007 as he did in the early 1990s

The crush of demand for pork has made the supply vulnerable to all sorts of fluctuations, from epidemics of pig diseases to weather changes that affect the price of grain that fattens pigs. In 2007, the government decided to establish a national pork reserve, reasoning that a backlog of frozen meat could be used to make up for shortages and stabilize prices when necessary.